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ANY participant´s thought is revealed out loud by one of HIS friends who is called over the phone with HIS own mobile!

  No Preshow  
No Stooges  
No Gimmicks
100% Impromptu

Blackout, is a technique that will allow you to make any revelation through a participant´s phone. The revelation is made by any friend from the participant that he chooses to call.
The participant's friend can be miles away, you have never met any of them and yet the revelation is accurate.  

 You ask a spectator to think of anything! 
You anounce that you will NOT reveal his thought; his thought will be reveal by any of the spectator's friend instead. 
You ask your spectator to take his own phone out of his pocket and  call ANY of his friends.  
Once the call has gone through you ask your participant to tell his friend that a mentalist wants to speak to him. You speak to your participant´s friend in front of everybody; so all the audience can hear the full conversation in which you and ask him to reveal aloud the participant´s thought.
If you want you can have the full conversation in speaker the whole time.  
The participant´s friend reveals the spectator's thought PERFECTLY.   
The participant and also the participant´s friend will have no idea how you did it.   
BLACKOUT is NOT an effect, is a method, a devilish technique that will allow you to perform ANY prediction.

BLACKOUT is powerful mojo that will have your head spin with so many ideas and options! 
Paolo Cavalli

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